Palin exceeds expectations, but Biden comes out the winner

Elon community judges the vice presidential debate

Miriam Williamson

In an informal survey the day after the vice presidential candidates’ debate, Elon students, faculty and staff revealed that although Sarah Palin exceeded expectations, Sen. Joe Biden was the overall winner.

The televised debate took place Thursday night.

“For me, hands down, Biden won last night,” junior Dannika Lewis, said. “He just was a lot more aggressive and eloquent to me and he was so much more well versed – especially in diplomatic issues.”

This eloquence also deemed Biden the winner for Joshua Chagani, a member of Live Oaks.

“He speaks more clearly and … I felt he was more professional,” Chagani said. “He didn’t give shout outs or say ‘doggonit’ during the middle of his debate.”

85 of the 230 people polled, or nearly 27 percent, agreed that Biden was the overall winner.

While expert analysts said Biden’s responses were much more specific to the questions, people did not see this coming from Palin’s side.One problem some people found with Palin was that she seemed to change the topic, avoid questions or reiterate the things she knows.

“I think Palin held her own but I think she changed the subject too much,” senior Sarah Sanborn said.

After Palin’s highly criticized performance in her interview with Katie Couric of CBS, many Americans had low expectations for her in the debate.

“She came out a lot stronger than people were expecting,” said Vic McGlaughlin, a technology resources employee.

It was for this reason that Vic Costello, chose neither Biden nor Palin as the winner.

“I thought they both performed equally well,” he said.

Nearly 12 percent were in agreement that the debate resulted in a tie.

This was also a common consensus among the pundits, who said there was no clear winner.

23 percent of the people polled deemed Palin the overall winner.

“I just ended up liking her a lot more than Joe Biden,” said Caroline Fox, graphics designer for The Pendulum. “I thought she was a lot more likable.”

Analysts commented on Palin’s animated responses, which probably gave her an edge with some Americans.

Even though Lewis didn’t think Palin won, she agreed with Fox.

“She was probably able to connect to the general public really well,” Lewis said.

18 students in a reporting course conducted this survey by gathering a convenience sample of 230 people between 10:50 and 11:30 a.m. Friday. Approximately 28 percent of people gave no response, either because they didn’t watch or didn’t want to comment.

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One Comment on “Palin exceeds expectations, but Biden comes out the winner”

  1. Janna Says:

    You captured some good direct quotations and you put a lot of good search terms in your headline, plus you were sure to add the tags needed for an audience to find your work. I know you will spend some time and improve your writing on this piece. It’s OK to look at classmates’ work and find good ideas as long as you make the work your own in the process. I am looking forward to seeing the video clips, a graphic of the numbers and you might possibly want to add small headshots of Biden and Palin. Good start under deadline pressure.

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