Indubitable Inquisition: My multimedia approach to journalism

Miriam Williamson

When people ask me what I want to do with my life, the answer is easy: “I’m majoring in journalism.” But on the occasion that that is not enough, and people really want to know what I want to do, I am at a loss. The world of journalism is rapidly changing and expanding, so to limit myself to something as specific as writing for a newspaper is unrealistic. In today’s world, I will either face the changes or fall behind.

Unlike other blogs my friends and I have used, this will not be an online diary where I whine about the unfair things in life and tell everyone about the minute details of my life. Instead, this blog is a tool to display my journey towards becoming a mobile journalist following the guidelines of JCM 300.

I will post videos that will (hopefully) gradually evolve from simple videos I post alongside stories to videos that add more solid coverage to my articles. I will include other elements, such as photographs and links that will also add broader detail to my articles. Most of all, I hope to become a stronger all around journalist as I get closer to entering the “real world.”

The title for my blog, Indubitable Inquisition, not only incorporates my favorite word (indubitable), but describes my approach to journalism. I want to always be questioning the things I see, always wanting to find out more. That is where the inquisition comes in. But my reporting will not leave people doubting my facts or writing, which is where the indubitable comes into play.

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